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Designed for comfort

+ Outdoor Dining

Anjuna, Goa



Grand Retreat
Casa Azara is a private villa located in Anjuna where you can witness an amalgamation of Contemporary Balinese architecture and traditional aesthetic principles, along with an abundance of natural materials, brilliant artistry and international architectural influences. The Ground Floor+1 structure hosts 6 bedrooms, a large living area, dining area and a kitchen. Besides this, there are two independent guest rooms and another open living /dining and bar area, encompassing a larger-than-life pool, which has an attached Jacuzzi. Each bedroom and washroom overlook intricate landscape features. The villa seems to be in harmony with the environment through the use of organic materials complementing the rich ornamentation and exquisite landscaping. This luxury villa is the perfect way to unwind, contemplate, and truly enjoy Mother Nature.
  • Area:  2,300 sqm
  • Accomodation:  G+1
  • No. Bedrooms:  6
  • Possesion:  2017